York Area Down Syndrome Association

...a support group for families in York, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas

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Please feel free to check out our Lending Library.  We have the following books, videos and pamphlets available.  Click below to view our available resources:



  • Steps to Independence - Baker & Brightman
  • How to Get Services by Being Assertive - Coordinating Council
  • How to Organize an Effective Parent Advocacy Group-Coord.. Council
  • Special Education Naturally - Havens, Robb & Witman
  • For Those Who Live - LaTour
  • Circles of Friends - Perske
  • Don't Stop the Music - Perske
  • New Perspectives on Down Syndrome - Pueschel
  • Our Special Child - Ross
  • Mainstreaming Preschoolers:  Children with Mental Retardation - US Dept of Health & Human Services
  • What it's Like to be Me - Exley
  • Since Owen - Callaran
  • Differeneces in Common - Trainer
  • After the Tears - Simons
  • Another Season - Stallings
  • Negotiating the Special Education Maze - Anderson, Shiftwood, Hayden
  • Babies with Down Syndrome - Gunderson
  • The Syracuse Community Referenced Curriculum Guide - Ford, Shnoer, Meyer
  • Achieving the Complete School - Bikler & Blatt
  • Lets Play to Grow
  • New Life in the Neighborhood - Perske
  • Communication Skills in Children with Down Syndrome - Libby Kumin
  • Medical and Surgical Care in Children with Down Syndrome
  • Couples with Intellectual Disabilities talk about Living and Loving
  • Uncommon Fathers
  • My Brother, Matthew
  • School-Age Children with Special Needs-What Do They Do When School's Out - Fink
  • Show Me No Mercy - Perske
  • Elizabeth Joy - Phillips
  • Jewel - Lott
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  • Bee Smart Vocabulary Builder for Babies
  • Ski Hi Sign Language Series
  • Let's Play to Grow
  • Speech Therapy
  • Estate Planning
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  • A Parents Guide to Understanding Sensory Integration
  • Using Computers to Help Children with Down Syndrome
  • Elements of a Legal and Sufficient IEP
  • "Your Right to Disagree" A parents guide for resolving conflicts concerning special education
  • Inclusion - Beyond Seperate Education
  • Advocate for My Child?  I can do That!
  • Putting the Pieces Together:  An IEP Guide for School Age Students
  • Finding a Job - A guide for Parents
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